Partners and Networks

International Partners

188 academic partners in 52 countries worldwide:

26 Industrial Partners

Ecoles Centrale Group

The five Ecoles Centrale - Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Supélec (Paris) and Marseille - share the same vision of excellence in general engineering higher education. The members of the group, which came into being in 1990, pursue a number of joint objectives:

  • harmonise their educational programmes and recruitment at home and abroad
  • increase exchanges between final year engineering students
  • co-ordinate their research policies and ensure their complimentarity
  • broaden their industrial collaboration develop their international relations policies
  • promote the Ecole Centrale image at home and abroad through increased visibility at institution level, but also in the business world.

Centrale - Audencia - ensa Alliance

The strategic alliance between Centrale Nantes, Audencia Business School and ensa Nantes School of Architecture dates back to 2014.

This alliance brings together engineering, business studies, architecture and design in order to enhance teaching, research, industrial partnerships and international visibility with regard to the three establishments. The resulting blend of expertise leads to value creation and provides an excellent breeding ground for innovation. The three establishments combined have 8000 students, 710 researchers, teachers and research staff as well as over 450 international academic partners.
Published on November 13, 2018 Updated on July 30, 2019