Student stories



Sasha from Kenya, Graduation Class of 2020

What I appreciated the most when I arrived on the Nantes campus was the diversity and warm welcome we received. I am very excited to start this third year which will be technical with a strong professional focus. It will be a real asset for me to undertake an internship in France at the end of this year.
I intend to pursue a career in civil engineering after the bachelor programme. I completed my first internship in Madagascar in a civil engineering company, which is sponsoring my studies. After graduation, I already have a four-year contract with this company for a civil engineering post based in Africa.

Semere From Ethiopia, Graduation Class of 2021

First year internship at Horizon Addis Tyre, a tyre manufacturer in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

It was a very good eye-opening experience and I learned that work life is very different from what I had imagined it be... I was tasked to time several stages of tyre manufacturing and observe senior engineers. I learned to better communicate with workers.

Yudhisteer from Mauritius, Graduation Class of 2020

During his bachelor programme at Centrale Nantes, Yudhisteer has developed his own innovative projects. The first, a mobile application, Smart Recharge, went online in 2017. Smart Recharge uses Optical Character Recognition software to scan the scratch cards used across Mauritian mobile networks to recharge mobile accounts and automatically input the numbers for you. A time-saver for users and a real solution for the visually impaired. His second innovation: an automated dog feeder! The device, made from natural
materials, can be programmed to deliver a pre-determined amount of dog biscuits twice a day for up to one month. Ideal for the dog owner whose work takes him away from home regularly!

Prithvi from Mauritius, Graduation Class of 2020

For someone who loves problem solving like me, engineering is just a natural choice of career. It allows me to develop new ways of thinking and solving problems which are valuable in any industry, be it in engineering itself or the financial or statistical sector. I chose Ecole Centrale Nantes for three main reasons: the high level of education they provide, the internships which are part of the curriculum and the focus they have on the student’s personal development. The Ecole Centrale Nantes engineer is a person who can work well in any situation and who has strong interpersonal skills which are valuable for any company.


Published on November 13, 2018 Updated on July 31, 2019